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Womanizers Bible

I'm sure you've heard all about how to pick up and seduce women. The internet is full of that stuff - some good and some bad. You've heard it all before: 


  • 5 Ways To Know She Likes You
  • One Weird Trick To Get Any Girl
  • How To Kiss A Girl


Blah blah blah........ That's old news. Well done those guys for putting out some useful advice. The thing is, when was the last time anyone told you something you don't already know?


When was the last time you heard something that genuinely blew your mind?


  • Remember that feeling when you first heard about Game. "There's a system for picking up girls???? And it can be learned???? Wooooaaaahhh!"
  • Remember that feeling when you first heard about the Red Pill. "There are forces in the world stopping me getting laid???? And they are fucking up my life???? Woooooaaaahhh!"


It's time to go Wooooaaaahhhh again. A whole lot of Wooooooaaaahhhh.


I'm not going to teach you 5 ways of this, or One Weird Trick for that. No. I'm going to blow your mind. I'm going to fundamentally change the way you see the world. And it's not just for lolz. This is an advanced inner game product. I will share with you the deep identity-level mindsets that make the top womanizers so successful with women.

This isn't about technical changes to your game - how to stand, what to say, when to escalate and so on. We are about to dive deep into how you see the world and your place within it.


I'm going to reorganise your brain specifically so it helps you get laid.


Actual stills from the video series

Actual stills from the video series


The Womanizers Bible is a video recording of a secret seminar I conducted in February 2015 and have held close to my chest ever since. I carefully handpicked an audience of just ten men who were already good with women. My mission was simple: show them how an advanced player sees the world. Let them into my mind.

There was a whole lot of Wooooooaaaahhhh that day. Now I'm letting you in on the secrets.

This seminar tackles the key high-level issues facing a wannabe player today. We live in a time of unparalled freedom, but only if you can free your mind. I'll smash down your limiting beliefs and I'll open up entirely new horizons.


You're going to see the world in an entirely new way. A world of opportunity. A world full of sex.


My course is four hours packed with nine videos - each is bursting with new content and a refreshing look at Red Pill ideas.


  • First, I lay out the shape of the Sexual Market Place. This is the map of the terrain letting you know what's really going on in the world.
  • Second, I explain the participants. I get into the heads of the men you compete with and the girls you compete for. I explain exactly how they think and what they'll do.
  • Third, I outline the Player's Journey and how to chart your own path towards claiming more than your fair share of hot young women.


And then comes the home run: I tell you how you can take advantage of this world. I tell you how to smash it!

So, come into my world and learn how a true womanizer steals everyone's lunch money.


See you inside,

Nick Krauser