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Black Book

I'm not a popular man. I'm abrasive, arrogant and annoying. Many top players in the seduction community think I'm a TOTAL DICKHEAD.

And yet they all read my blog, buy my books, and want to hang out with me on my notorious "Euro Jaunt" holidays (that's the label for my smash-n-grab raids on the hot local women of places like Riga, Prague and Bucharest)

So why is that?



Why are top players - guys who are great at picking up women in their own right - so intrigued by my material and by my company?


It's because I'm a below-average-height, balding, forty year old man who has been consistently fucking hot young women year after year. I pick them up off the street, in the middle of the daytime, and I rely entirely upon my charm. It's like witnessing STREET MAGIC.

It shouldn't even be possible, and yet here I am - DOING IT - consistently. The players have all come along to watch and witness it with their own eyes. Who else is fucking girls so much YOUNGER, so much HOTTER, so much TIGHTER?!

There's a method to this magic and that's why I'm writing to you today. The big secret to my outrageous results is I have a SYSTEM. It's a system that allows a normal man like you to pick up girls WAY OUT OF HIS CLASS.

Let me tell you a little how it came about.

I started practicing "daygame" - that is, the art of street seduction - in 2009 and I was hopeless at first. I'd approach women and get blown out. It was brutal. I didn't get laid the first ONE THOUSAND TIMES I tried it.

But I was dedicated. I kept trying and I kept learning.


  • Every session on the streets would teach me something new about hot young women and how to get them. So I started carrying a little notebook and pen with me in the inside pocket of my jacket.
  • Every time I had an "A-HA!" moment, I'd scribble notes in my little black book. The pages quickly filled up. Before long I was writing about my thoughts and my adventures on a blog, which quickly developed a following.


I continued to take my little black book out with me, steadily compiling a list of all my hacks, all my do's and don'ts , all the technical refinements that I was making year after year.

Many years have passed and many hot young girls have been fucked. Now I can present to you a FULLY TESTED and FULLY REFINED system that incorporates all of that PRICELESS knowledge. I can present to you a STEP-BY-STEP guide:



  • How to approach a woman on the street
  • How to instantly create charming and original conversation in those tough first thirty seconds. With my system you'll ALWAYS think of something to say.
  • How to create that crackle of sexual tension within a couple of minutes RIGHT THERE ON THE STREET WITH A STRANGER!
  • How to involve her in the seduction so that she wants to play along and work for you.



This system will show you how to approach women and get their phone numbers but there's so much more than that. I'll also show you exactly what to do on the first date to MAXIMISE YOUR CHANCES of taking her home THAT FIRST NIGHT.



  • How to structure your date so you both go to the right types of venues at the right moment.
  • How to verbally ESCALATE her so she sees you as a SEXUAL MAN and imagines herself naked in bed with you.
  • How to physically TOUCH her in a controlled and polite manner while nonetheless moving you both relentlessly towards sex.


You'll never be in the friendzone again. When you follow my STEP-BY-STEPescalation plan, it's simply INCONCEIVABLE that she'll see you as anything but a DYNAMIC SEXUAL MAN.


(Many coaches struggle to describe dating so I brought one of my ex-girlfriends along to the filming so I can demonstrate exactly what to do live on camera!)


So now I present to you the full sequence - from meeting to sex - exactly how I do it to seduce girls half my age and twice as good-looking as me. And the great thing is it is CLEARPRECISE and EASY TO COPY.

This is the Black Book that I wished I'd had all those years ago, when I took my first steps towards success with women. I hope you're keen to speed up your own success by TAKING ADVANTAGE of this goldmine of underground information.

This is 223 minutes (over 3 1/2 hours!) of instructional material designed to take a beginner daygamer and propel him to intermediate level.

Thanks for listening.


Nick Krauser